Successful High School Graduation Ring Return, Clermont County, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

Having recently graduated, Kyle and his girlfriend were visiting some local parks and just beginning to enjoy their summer. Kyle’s girlfriend had been wearing his class ring on a leather thong around her neck and somehow, somewhere they had visited, it had been lost. They had been revisiting and searching all the sites they remembered they had visited but they were unable to find it.

About a week or two later while searching for another ring lost at a local park, I was fortunate to recover Kyle’s class ring. I immediately set about researching the ring, contacting the ring manufacturer and the local high school that I suspected the ring might have come from. I had a lot of information to go on, his name Kyle was on the ring, his initials were engraved inside the ring, and the school mascot was noted on the ring.

I received assistance right away from the school summer staff but we were unable to find the rings owner until after about a week had passed, one staff member at the school noted that their mascot was also the mascot of another school that was not so far away. This was the break we needed. The staff at the second high school I contacted were also very helpful and after searching their yearbook they were able to get me in contact with Kyle within hours.

Returning a lost ring is a rewarding experience and I really appreciated all of the help I received which enabled me to return this ring. Kyle was very surprised to see his ring again, but I think he was most happy because he was able to surprise his sweetheart and return his ring to her!