Lost Engagement Ring Recovered, Hamilton, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)


I received a text message early one Sunday morning explaining how a young lady had lost her engagement ring after attending an outdoor concert and festival and asking if I would help in the search. When we spoke, the young lady told me she and a group of friends had looked for her ring until early in the morning using their cell phone flash lights but that they had been unable to find it.

I had a previous commitment early on Sunday and promised to call her as soon as I was free in the afternoon. When I called she told me that she and a friend with a metal detector had already searched for over six hours and been unable to find her ring. She was concerned that perhaps another festival attendee might have found her ring the night before and that it might no longer even be there.

I offered to search anyway if she thought it worthwhile and she said yes it was. We met at about 3:00 pm and she recounted her evening while walking me along the path she remembered taking to her vehicle which was where she thought she had lost her ring. Bottom line, she was uncertain and I was thinking we could be in for a long search of easily three or more hours to cover my grid area which I estimated as roughly half a football field and which was littered and obviously traversed by many festival goers.

I started my search in a corner of my grid area that the young lady did not really think was the correct area, but she had mentioned to me during our walk through that her fiance thought it was a good possibility. I decided to enlarge my grid by an additional fifteen yards just before starting my search and not ten minutes into my search, my detector returned a very strong signal. I could not believe our luck as I saw her ring lying right there in the grass under my coil.

As I walked toward her car, giving her a thumbs up, she was speaking with her fiance on her cell phone and I don’t think she believed it at first, but then she noticed her ring on my finger and she was all smiles, crying happily and excitedly updating her fiance.

I had already had a great morning with friends and recovering this young lady’s engagement ring and seeing her smile made my day even better. I still cannot believe how fortunate we were and what a GREAT day it turned out to be for both of us!



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  1. I am SO, SO THANKFUL that Mr. Owens found my engagement ring!! Without his help I’d probably still be out in that field looking for it!

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