Two recoveries on Saturday, one ring found and one medal, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)

I received an email from a gentleman who wrote that he had lost his wedding ring while cutting his grass.

“One afternoon while cutting my grass I had placed my wedding ring in my pocket.  I had a habit of putting my ring in my pocket because I had lost weight and the ring would barely stay on my finger.  After waking inside from mowing the grass, I reached into my pocket to put my ring back on and it was gone.  I knew I had it on before I started mowing and I had only taken a few steps into the house when I realized it was gone – so  it must have fallen out of my pocket while mowing my lawn.  I looked around in a few places and tried several “solutions” for finding the ring in the yard that I found on the internet, but it is a really big yard and a really small ring by comparison.  Nothing I tried worked and I had pretty much given up on the hope of finding my ring.
A couple weeks later I was watching the news and saw a story about someone losing their ring on the beach while on vacation.  They said they called ring finders and someone was able to help them find their ring.  I figured I had nothing to lose and found someone locally to see if they could help.  Doug scheduled to come search the yard with his equipment, and he was great.  He searched the yard, it only took him  about half hour to find the ring.  He was responsive, courteous and most importantly he found the ring.  I can’t thank him enough for helping me get the ring back!”

IMG_20160625_174252906 (1)

That afternoon ring recovery went quickly, which turned out to be a really good thing because as I was traveling to the gentleman’s home on Saturday afternoon, I received a call from a woman in a nearby city who said she had lost a religious medal while cutting her grass. She too had been searching for days with no luck and she sadly described to me that she had received the pewter medal on her 19th birthday and that it was a cherished possession because it had been blessed by the Pope. Because of the earlier quick recovery, I was able to travel to her home that Saturday evening to help search for her medal. After just over an hour of searching and talking and remembering the events of the day when she had lost her medal, I got a good strong signal on my detector and there it was. The medal was close to where we felt it should have been, but we were just starting to get worried we might not find it and so we felt we had been blessed when we were able to recover it.


What a great Saturday!