Successful ring recovery, a team effort!

  • from Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Though just about everyone we spoke with advised us the odds were not good for a recovery, we decided to try anyway. Good things began happening as we prepared to meet and search which only served to increase our confidence that we did in fact have a chance at recovering this ring. I learned so much on this adventure and I am glad that I was able to assist.
Here is the woman’s story:
“On Friday, my mom, aunt, and I went kayaking. I wasn’t really thinking about it and wore my engagement ring, which happened to be my great-grandmother’s ring. We hit an area with a pretty strong current and then there was a tree that had fallen partway across the river. My kayak hit the tree and flipped. In the process, I lost my ring. We tried to look for it but to no avail.
As I was looking for ideas on the internet, I came across the Ring Finders page and figured it was worth a try otherwise we’d always wonder. Doug graciously agreed to come help us out! We also had my aunt come back with her scuba gear. We went right to the spot where I’d fallen and looked for just under an hour. Doug was picking up some activity with his detector and my aunt had his smaller spot finder wand (a Garrett Pro Pointer II) and she was miraculously able to find my ring! I really couldn’t believe it with how strong the current was in the area! My family and I are so relieved to have it back, especially with the connection to my great-grandmother. We could not be more grateful to Doug for coming out and helping us find it! It was truly amazing!”
River ring recovery team 06122016