Losing a Family Heirloom Ring in Sudbury, Ontario

from Sudbury (Ontario, Canada)
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dscn4695 It was a hot July afternoon back in summer 2012, when I was 16, and I decided to go for a swim at my local beach to cool off. The water was nice, I remember diving underwater quite a few times, not thinking that I had my ring on my right hand pinkie finger. It wasn’t just any ring though, it was a ring that my Grandfather made back in high school machine shop, which was nearly 60 years ago. He gave it to me as a gift a few years prior, and I had wore it on my hand every day since. The ring fit me comfortably.
As I continued swimming in the lake, I remember having my hands out in front of me, and seeing my ring slide off my finger, slowly float to the bottom of the lake, about 5 and a half feet down. I remember being in such a panic to find my ring that I searched for hours to try and retrieve it, but with no luck. I ended up going back several times that summer looking for the ring. I even had my uncle help look for it (he is an avid metal detector too), but we both couldn’t find it. I ended up giving up the search after a long time of not finding it. Having to live with the guilt of never getting to see my ring again.
Fast forward to August of 2016, my mom comes home from work one evening (she works for the City of Sudbury parks depot) and told me she was talking to a man metal detecting at the beach where I lost my ring 4 years ago. It turns out it was Douglas searching for other rings. She asked him about my ring if he could find it for me. They exchange phone numbers. My mom later described what the ring looks like: Stainless steel, with a flattened end. Douglas said he may have found it last spring when he was detecting at the beach. He ended up emailing me pictures of it, and it turns out it was my ring, in perfect condition. My mom and I end up driving out to his home to pick it up. I couldn’t believe my eyes, after all these years that I would finally get to have my old ring back.
Unfortunately my fingers have grown in size quite a bit since last time I wore it, but it is still nice to have a family heirloom back in my possession. It was quite an honor to meet with Douglas, under such chance circumstances. I know now to never swim with a ring on my finger again.

By Brannyn Luciw

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