Lost my platinum wedding ring in Sudbury, Ontario

from Sudbury (Ontario, Canada)
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Treasure Hunter in the outfield

It was a bright, warm, summer afternoon on Saturday, June 11th when your humble author of this story lost my platinum wedding ring in left field of the Kinsman Baseball Softball Park.

Trying to relive when I played left field for my home town softball team, I decided to run as fast as I could from the left field line to center field fence. Before doing so, I took off my ring and held it loosely in my left hand, and bolted as fast as I could towards the center field fence.

Legs sprinting, arms pumping, and eyes focused on my destination, I forgot for a moment that I was holding my ring, opened my hand for a moment and the ring launched from my hand into the thick uncut grass of the outfield. Finishing my dash to center field and breathing heavy, I looked down in panic at my empty hand.

I started to retrace my steps. Sun beating down on my back, on my hands and knees, for over two hours I searched through the outfield grass with no luck. Even my children joined in to help me look. Worried and stressed I took out my cell phone and googled the search phrase “ring finders”. There I found a local metal detector that actually lived very close to the very park I was at. He was polite and courteous and was there to help me in about twenty minutes.

I pointed out the area in which I thought the ring landed. He set about making a marked area to search, placing markers in the grass as my children asked my many questions about metal detection. He searched for close to two hours but did not find it saying, “Often you never find it where you think it is.” He told me not to worry, he would return on Monday morning to resume the search. We exchanged numbers, shook hands and made plans to meet up then.

On Sunday night, I called to tell him that I would be there at the field to help at around 10AM tomorrow. I still remember pulling into the parking lot at the Kinsman Field and as I was getting out of my car, I saw him waive at me, and hold up his arm, “I found it!” he exclaimed. Excited, I ran to the field to see exactly where he found it. It was roughly where I thought it might be, but it was buried underneath some grass in a small hole and was there even after the city park riding lawnmower had cut the outfield grass! Amazing it was still there!

I was so grateful and thanked him many times, as my feelings of concern were abated as I held my ring in my hand again. I have nothing but positive remarks to make about my experience with the ring finder that helped me find my ring in the outfield. Standing there, with my ring in my hand, I had to smile that at a baseball diamond, he had found something more valuable to me than any precious gem could ever be. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise during a stressful weekend I will never forget!DSCN4116 DSCN4120

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