Lost Gold Engagement Ring In Sudbury, Ontario

from Sudbury (Ontario, Canada)
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I got an email from Sean on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 about 11 am.

Sean said, in the email that the ring was lost in his yard and he knew pretty well where it was located.

We arranged a time for me to go to Sean’s and search for the lost gold engagement ring.

December 19 at 10 am was -18c with a strong north wind. I decided I better dress real warm today, because

it may take a while to find it. Sean explained to me, what had unfolded a few nights earlier. Sean said, he was standing in the driveway, when he threw his Fiancé’s engagement ring out across the yard. I told Sean to go back into the house to keep warm, while I hunted the area. I hunted the area in which Sean said, he threw the ring for

over an hour and a half with many good signals, but no ring. The ground had 2” of ice on surface and 6” of snow, packed hard in places. When Sean came out again, I had him throw a test ring to see where he actually threw the ring. Sean proceed to take the test ring into the house, I ask him where he was going and he said, the other side door is locked, so I have to go in this door and unlock the door from the inside to come out that door. In a minute, he was halfway out the other side door and I told him not to throw the test ring at me, but where he thought he threw it that night. This is not the story I heard when Sean originally told me about where he was standing. When Sean threw the test ring I lost site of it, but saw a small movement in the snow. This is why I use a metal detector to find things, they don’t lie. If it beeps to indicate there is something there, there is! I said to Sean, go back into the house and warm up and I will continue searching. People think they know where they lost something, but in fact they don’t.

I now had a true idea of where that ring was hiding. I worked my way back towards that door in a 20 foot pattern and there it was 20 feet from that door. After putting my metal detector and gear in the car, I checked my watch, 2 hours almost. I went to the front door and knocked. Sean opened the door and I held out my hand and dropped the ring in his as I said, Merry Christmas. They where ecstatic to say the least, so after many thank you’s and a hug I headed for home.

On my way home I glance down at the outside temperature reading in the car, -18c. I sure was glad I had worn my cloth ski doo suit and insulated rubber boots to go hunting today. I sure had a fun day and made 3 people very happy. Winter hunting can be an exciting time, if you dress for it!


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4 Replies to “Lost Gold Engagement Ring In Sudbury, Ontario”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great recovery Douglas! That was a cold day to hunt but it must have warmed her heart that you found it…Way to go!

  2. Douglas Bennison says:

    Thanks Chris. It sure does make you feel good.

  3. Will Kuhlkamp says:

    Hello Doug,
    my wife Louise and I met you and your wife at the beach at Port Charlotte on the 18. of Feb. After hearing about this amazing story of that ring found and returned at the lake my interest was peaked and I checked the web side out. Also read the posts under your name. Really great work you do and what a great hobby. Keep it up.
    Really enjoyed meeting you. Take care, Will K.

    1. Thanks Will.
      We enjoyed our chat with you and your wife Louise at the beach.
      It was nice you took the time to check out theringfinders.com and
      hope you pass the information on to others, who one day may loss
      something precious. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, before heading into the frozen north.
      Drop me an email anytime at roady@persona.ca.

      keep in touch

      Douglas Bennison

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