Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Cambridge, Ontario

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On Wednesday October 3, 2012 while attending a medical appointment my ninety-four year old father looked down and realized he was not wearing his wedding band.  At the time he thought it was strange but figured he must have taken it off the day before as he was working in the garden.  He went on to tell me that he always takes it off and puts it in the drawer of his china cabinet before he goes outside.  Assuming that was the case, we continued on with our appointment.  When we got home and checked my father was quite upset that his wedding ring was not where he thought it was.  I went over and we checked all the “logical” places it could be.  No luck.  My seven year old daughter was tasked with looking for it under all the furniture, nooks and crannies, but still no luck. 

The day after I found my father out in the garden again back at the same spots he had been working at in an attempt to find the ring.  We re-traced his steps as best we could and dug and sifted through the soil.  Once again, no ring.  My father was quite upset that he could not find his wedding band.  Not only have he and my mother been married for many,many years, but the band itself was actually made by one of his very good friends who is now deceased.  It is a very special ring for many reasons.

Unsure what to do I did what many people do in this day and age and turned to Facebook.  “Does anyone have a metal detector I can borrow?  My dad has lost his wedding ring.”  A couple posts wishing us luck and then one from my friend Mandy who said she could do one better- her father, Doug Bennison, is an actual ring finder!  Mandy contacted her father who happened to be planning a visit this way and convinced him to bring his equipment and come have a look. On Monday October 22, 2012 the day before I was to leave on a vacation, Mandy and her father Doug arrived and set up shop.  Doug asked a few questions and set out to find the ring.  After well over an hour and the good fortune of finding many assorted bits of metal, foil, coins and what you would expect in the yard of a seventy plus year old house, we had not found the ring.  I had to pop out for a quick errand so I left Doug and Mandy to continue.  After another half an hour I was on my way home when I received a text message.  As I was driving I ignored it and rounded the corner to my parents’ house.  There I was met by a beaming Doug and Mandy.  Doug had found the ring!  I could not believe it and went to get my father.  My dad came outside and put the ring on, dirt and all!  Doug had found it near where he had been digging almost three weeks ago.  It was buried in the soil!  We think it may have fallen out of my dad’s pocket, onto the earth and he stepped on it.  Without Doug and his ring finding skills we never would have found it!  Thank you so much Doug for traveling all the way to look for the ring and to Mandy for arranging it. You have made a ninety four year old man, very very happy.

With much gratitude,

Corey Kimpson

4 Replies to “Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Cambridge, Ontario”

  1. Mandy says:

    Well that Doug sounds like a fabulous guy!

  2. Jan says:

    Hey Doug.

    Love the story on your find. You mention Sudbury Metal Detecting Club on your profile. I have however not been able to “dig up” any information on this club. Would you happen to know who to contact, or where to find out more?

    Thank you in advance.


  3. Call me at 705-692-3782 or email me.

  4. Douglas Bennison says:

    Not sure if my last reply got through or not?????????

    Contact me at my phone number or email me through ringfinders.

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