Lost at a Ranch - Found

  • from Harker Heights (Texas, United States)

Had a conversation with Jason not long ago, and he relayed a story of a ring lost at a Texas ranch. Seems he and his wife were on a hunting weekend, and while washing up after a successful hunt, her ring flew off her finger and into the brush, at a clearing along the side of a trail. After searching for awhile, he marked the site with a bandana tied in a tree – a wise move, I told him optimistically. When he said that this had happened a couple of years before, my optimism waned, but we arranged to link up at the ranch a few days later. When we met, we wound our way through hills and trees, eventually stopping between two non-descript clearings along a dirt road. He told me it was in one of the two clearings, but in the absence of the bandana, he wasn’t sure which one. We talked once more through the details he remembered. As an afterthought, I asked him if he would like to use my backup detector, since we both lived a couple of hours away, and he was going to stay while I hunted. He agreed. I gave him a short training class, showing him the basics, and telling him that if he got a hit, and the target indicator showed a solid ball, it could well be his ring.  Over the next couple of hours, he called me over a few times to check targets, which I would dig out for him, but to no avail. Meanwhile, I was carefully checking the two clearings, without result. The search went on. Another hour passed, and he came and found me, wanting me to check another target. I followed him past the two original clearings and a third one, then into a fourth, with no tattered bandana in sight. He smiled and said, “Well, it was a couple of years ago!” But then he added that this target showed as a solid ball, and my hopes rose.  On my knees, digging under a bush, the ring surfaced in the second scoop. Hardly the way I liked, but we found it nonetheless!