Splendor in the Grass (Clippings)

  • from Harker Heights (Texas, United States)

Got a call last Wednesday from Eric, who had lost his palladium wedding ring while doing some yard work.  We linked up at his house on Thursday afternoon, and after some discussion in which he pointed out the two areas where he thought the ring would most likely be, I searched both for an hour and a half, to no avail. We agreed that I’d come back Saturday, and when I got there, we reviewed the circumstances of the loss.  He told me of one other place in the yard, where he had dumped some grass clippings, and that he hadn’t mentioned previously.  “Aha!!!!”, I thought to myself, “This must be why I didn’t find the ring Thursday!” Brimming with confidence, I searched grass clippings with vigor, expecting to find the ring at any moment.  After a fruitless hour and a half search in that area, I humbly went back to the very first place he had pointed out.  I decided to expand the mental search grid I had used Thursday by a few yards in each direction. I quickly found a clad quarter, an old metal button, a clasp, and what looks to me like a piece of a merchants’ weight scale (none of which Eric had lost while doing yard work).  I was making the turn on my third parallel search row, and just at the edge of the grid, there was the ring, lying in the grass, shining like a little round beacon.  Another satisfied customer!


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