My First Find of the Year

  • from Harker Heights (Texas, United States)

Got an email last night from a lady whose husbands’ wedding ring had slipped off while he was cutting plywood in his backyard the day before.  We were able to coordinate a search time for this evening.  When I arrived, I asked a few questions about the loss, since it was dark and mighty cold, and I wanted to be as sure as possible that they knew the ring was there.  Perfect customers – while they didn’t hear the ring hit the concrete of their patio when it fell, they knew exactly where he had been working.  He believed he knew how it had come off, when he had rubbed his hands together to get the sawdust off.  In addition, he had done a search of his house, just in case he was mistaken, but that search only reassured him that his ring had indeed fallen off while he was working in the yard.  Thus, it was with confidence that I started my search, aided by some bright portable lights they provided.  I stayed along the outline of the cement patio, searching just a couple of feet into their garden.  Within 15 minutes, my detector beeped, and I pushed aside some leaves, catching a brief glimpse of a bright golden arc quickly covered again by leaves and dirt.  I knew I’d found his ring.  A happy customer, and an easy and successful first search to start the year!


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