Indoor Search is Successful

  • from Harker Heights (Texas, United States)

Got a call Thursday morning from a gentleman who said his fiancé had dropped her engagement ring in their laundry room, and they couldn’t find it. I explained that I searched for things lost outside, with a metal detector, but had put together a search guide for folks who lost things inside their homes.  I said I’d email him a copy later.  In the email, I asked him to let me know if the guide helped him, or if he had tips to improve it, and said that I’d come help him search if he wanted me to.  I expected his next note to say that he’d found it, but instead he asked if I could come by Friday or Saturday.  We agreed to a 7:15 linkup at his place, and when I arrived, he confirmed that his fiancé was certain she had lost the ring in the laundry.  When he showed me the room, it was small, and full of Christmas things, luggage and backpacks.  He told me he had cleared everything out and searched the room carefully, and that his fiancé insisted he put everything back as it had been. It occurred to me that I might have a long night ahead going through stored items! The last thing he did before leaving me to search was to point to a small drain in the middle of the floor, telling me that he had a hunch the ring was in there. I pointed my bright, LED flashlight down it, and saw some dirt and water, but no ring. I then searched a few of the bags and boxes, with no luck. I took another, longer look down the drain. This time, after moving the PVC pipe running down the drain, I thought I saw a silvery reflection.  I wasn’t certain, so I asked for a wire hangar.  I poked around gently in the dirt and water, and within a couple of minutes, I recovered the ring.  “Recognize this?” I asked, and got a happy smile in return. He told me he’d stuck a wet vac down the drain and cleared away much of the water, but didn’t see anything that indicated the ring was there. Two lessons learned – old wire hangers still have purpose, and inside searches can be worth the time and effort for all concerned!