Lost two rings in the snow, Crystal City, VA; One Found

  • from Harker Heights (Texas, United States)

Around mid-week, I got an email from a gentleman who had engaged in an impromptu snowball fight with his wife and son while out walking.  After a few un-gloved throws, his wife realized she had thrown off two gold rings. As the ground was covered with snow, they looked around but didn’t find the lost rings. Back home, the husband did an online search and found our service, sending me the note asking for help. We arranged to meet Saturday morning, but as another snowfall was beginning in earnest, we delayed until Sunday. And what a beautiful day it was, at least by comparison to the day before.  When we arrived, he pointed out three small, snowy sections of ground where his wife might have thrown the rings. He also made clear that one ring meant much more than the other, as it was the first bit of jewelry he’d ever bought his wife. I searched the first two areas for over an hour, with no luck. About midway through searching the third, I got a solid hit on my Garrett, and we knelt down to dig in the snow. After a few seconds, what was clearly the top of a ring shone brightly, and I gave him the honor of picking it up. Thankfully, it was the important one!  Given the cold, he was ready then to head home with his prize, but I told him that if his wife would be happy with one, she’d be happier with both, so we agreed on a quit time about an hour later. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the second ring. I asked if he wanted to come back another day, but he said the other ring was of minor value, and that he’d really gotten what he came for.

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    Nice going Doug on a great recovery!

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