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Don & Ellen Wilson – The Dallas Ring Finders  972-523-4447


  • Dallas (Texas, United States)



Search Locations

We live in the North Dallas area, anywhere within reasonable driving distance is normally OK with us.

Search Types

Parks, Yards, Flower Beds, and we can do water up to 10 feet in depth.

2016 by Don Wilson       

Hello, if you have lost a Ring, Watch or Bracelet we possibly can help you find it.  My  wife and I have been Metal Detecting for many years.  We have been members of the “The Ring Finders” group, as a finder of rings/other metal items.  We have multiple types of Metal Detectors and Pin Pointing devices, whether it’s lost in your yard, a park, field or even underwater (up to 25 feet deep) we can help.  We work on a Reward Basis, give us a call and let us see if we can find your  missing valuable(s).  We have had great success in recovering of some very special items.


UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring playing volleyball in pool,Ft Worth,Tx Found! 07/2016


UPDATE! Lady looses Wedding Ring while playing Volleyball after work, Plano, Tx Found! 01/2016   IMG_3134

UPDATE! Gentleman from Britain looses 300 year old Family Heirloom ring playing volleyball on business trip in Plano,Tx Found! 05/2016IMG_3008

UPDATE! Man looses custom Graduation Ring while playing softball after work, Irving, Tx Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Family selling Grandpa’s home ask us to look for Coffee Cans filled with cash, found no cash but found Gold 1952 Grand Prairie Class Ring lost 64 years ago by family member, Haltom City,Tx  Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring while clearing property, Colleyville,Tx Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Man accidentally tosses 25th Year Gift ring in pond while feeding ducks, Winnsboro,Tx Found! 01/2016

UPDATE! Lady looses Wedding for the 3rd time in her front yard, Ducanville,Tx Found! 12/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Aggie Ring in leaves while having a snowball fight, Carrollton,Tx             Found! 12/2015

UPDATE! Lady looses Wedding Ring playing fetch with her dog, Dalworthington,Tx                 Found! 12/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring repairing sprinkler system 3 YEARS AGO, Fort Worth,Tx Found! 11/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring playing football with his kids, Corinth,Tx Found! 11/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring while doing jump at Water Ski Park, Waco,Tx Found! 10/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring while planting roses, Corinth,Tx – Found,Tx 10/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring in front yard playing with dog, Carrollton,Tx – Found 10/2015

UPDATE! Man looses Wedding Ring in backyard, Kennedale,Tx – Found! 10/2016

UPDATE! Pregnant lady leaves Wedding Ring on back of truck & drives off, Waxahachie,Tx – Found 10/2015

UPDATE! Young man lost a Good Luck Medallion on a soccer field, Roanoke,Tx -Found! 09/2015

UPDATE! Dropped ring in Lake while covering boat, Cedar Creek Lake, Tool,Tx – Found! 09/2015   IMG_3636

UPDATE! Lost Grandfather’s Ring falling out of Kayak near Waco,Tx  – Found! 08/2015

UPDATE! Lost Initial Ring in Volleyball Club in Dallas,Tx – Found! 08/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Set while playing Water Volleyball in Alford, Tx – Found! 08/2015

UPDATE! Lost Texas Aggie Ring while playing with dog in backyard in Denton,Tx – Found! 07/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring while Kayaking in river in San Saba,Tx – Found! 06/2015

UPDATE1 Lost Wedding Ring while playing Golf in Farmers Branch,Tx – Found on Hole 9 – 05/2015

UPDATE! Wedding Band disappears in couples home, cat is suspect in Dallas,Tx – Found! 04/2015IMG_2278

UPDATE! Lost Engagement Ring when thrown out the car window in anger, Greenville,Tx – Found! 04/2015

UPDATE! Lost Silver Ring while playing around in front yard, Grand Prairie,Tx – Found! 03/2015

UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring in Field when thrown during argument in Aquilla,Tx – Found! 03/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring while taking pictures in the snow in Addison,Tx – Found! 02/2015


UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring on Side of Highway after being thrown in Halton City,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring after full day of working in Backyard in Fort Worth,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost  Aggie ring in Lake after jumping in to save small child, Gun Barrel City,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring in garden after cleaning flower beds in Dallas,Tx – Found 02/2015

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Ring in backyard after Sunday BarBQue with friends in Plano,Tx – Found 12/2014

UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring in Front Yard after moving mulch in flower beds, Carrollton,Tx – Found 10/2014

UPDATE1 Lost Ring in Soccer Field after game with friends in Carrollton,Tx  Found 10/2014

UPDATE! Lost Wedding Set in yard while playing with kids in Allen,Tx – Found 10/2014

UPDATE! Lost Diamond Ring while playing on beach island in Lake Lewisville, Tx – Found 07/2014

UPDATE!  Lost Silver Ring while playing Basketball in the Pool in Dallas,Tx – Found!  07/2014

UPDATE!   Lost Wedding Ring out the car window on HWY 30 near  Longview, TX  – Found! 07/2014!

UPDATE!   Lost 6 Carat/$30,000 Diamond Ring in my kitchen in Addison, TX  – Found! 05/2014!

UPDATE!   Lost High School Ring in Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill State Park in Cedar Hill,TX  – Found! 04/2014!


UPDATE!   Lost Wedding Ring while digging a trench in his backyard Trophy Club,TX  – Found! 03/2014!

UPDATE!   Lost Diamond Ring while Brushing Fire Ants off husband in Field in Frisco,TX  – Found! 03/2014!

UPDATE!   Lost 3 Ring Wedding Set while Raking Leaves in Backyard, Cedar Hill,TX  – Found! 01/2014

*UPDATE!   Texas Aggie College Ring Lost while “Toilet Papering at Friend’s Home” – Found! 10/2013!

*UPDATE!   Wedding Ring lost while playing Volleyball in Dallas, Texas – Found! 10/2013

*UPDATE!  Texas A&M Ring found in Mineral Wells,Texas  – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Doctors ring found at Lake Home in Lake Worth,Texas – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring found at Lake Lavon, Texas after Tube Fishing – Found! 09/2013


*UPDATE!  Key Fob found after daughter lost it in their yard – Found! 09/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring thrown into backyard in anger – Found! 06/2013

*UPDATE!  Man’s Wedding Ring found in 6ft of lake water after owner falls out of fishing boat – Found! 07/2013

*UPDATE!  Ladies Diamond Pendant Lost on 10 acres of land while tending Longhorns – Found! 04/2013

*UPDATE!   Man’s Wedding lost while shaking wets hands off  in the backyard – Found! 04/2013

*UPDATE!   Fireman’s Grandfathers wedding band Lost while fighting Brush fire – Found! 03/2013

*UPDATE!   Man’s wedding band found in ditch in front of his home – Found! 03/2013

*UPDATE!   Man’s wedding band lost while playing in snow on Christmas Day – Found!  12/2012

*UPDATE!  Man’s pocket knife lost  by 10 yr old daughter while unloading Christmas Tree – Found! 12/2012

*UPDATE!   Man’s wedding band found behind baseboard in bathroom  – Found! 09/2012

* UPDATE! Man’s wedding band lost in yard will working on home – Found! 08/2012

* UPDATE!   Child’s Gold Signet Ring lost on Country Club playground.  — Found! 06/2012

* UPDATE!  Heart shaped pendant and chain, lost while playing touch football — Found!  01/2012

* UPDATE! Diamond engagement Ring thrown in angry, lost in front yard – Found! 12/2011

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