Another ring eaten by the volleyball courts!

  • from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, United States)

It was meant to be – I was doing some work in Choctaw Oklahoma Friday and received a call from a gentleman that stated he had lost his wedding ring in a volleyball court a few days ago and could I help. I asked him where the court was, hoping it wasn’t a public area, and he stated that it was in Choctaw at a friends house. Wow! I was there in 5 minutes and found the ring in less than 10 minutes! He couldn’t be there at the time but the homeowner had let me search. I called the gentleman back to let him know I found it but I was needing to get back to my home in south Oklahoma City and he stated that he lived South also. Turns out he lives only 1 mile from me! It was meant to be indeed!

2 Replies to “Another ring eaten by the volleyball courts!”

  1. Dan E says:

    I’m really amazed on how you find lost rings and other valuable jewelry. Great job to you guys. Glad you’ve thought of this idea.

  2. Diana says:

    It feels really good to be able to help like this! Just the smiles on the faces of someone who has lost a precious memory when you are able to get it back to them makes me feel like I’m floating on air!

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