You found my wedding ring!?!

from St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada)
Contact: 1-709-782-6511

Amazing story! A week ago I lost my wedding ring in a parking lot. After searching for well over an hour, I had all but given up. Then I remembered an old friend of mine had mentioned that he searched for lost rings as a side project of his. So, I mentioned it casually to Derrick Turner not really thinking that anything would come of it. I didn’t want to impose but thought I would see if he too thought it was a lost cause. Instead, he asked a few strategic questions about what I was doing when I lost the ring and then 2 days later got a call that he had found it!! He used my answers to reconstruct where I was and what I was doing and, using his metal detector, he found my ring buried in a pile of snow. I’m amazingly grateful and still shocked that he actually found it! He’s The Man!

– Andrew Sinclair

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