Lost and Found Ring at Yellowstone State Park in WI

from Janesville (Wisconsin, United States)
Contact: 1-608-577-7369

Did you lose an item of value in Yellowstone State park?  Yellowstone State park in Wisconsin is a beautiful park with lots of outdoor activities and fun.  If you did loose an item of value on land or in the water like a key, watch, ring, bracelet, necklace, anything metal that you want back please contact me to help you find it.

The Wisconsin DNR people are great people and will be very helpful, they have policies and forms that will help in getting your lost item returned to you.  I suggest you do the following steps:

  • Contact the Park DNR and fill out the lost item form. Also let them know you are going to contact me to help you find the item, I will also need to fill out a DNR form for permission to metal detect and look for the item.
  • Write down where you think you lost your item. There is a good chance it could have been lost at several location before you knew it was missing, record all possibilities.
  • Contact me, the sooner the better.  I have a state park yearly sticker and the sooner the search begins the better chance of finding your lost item is.

Good luck and enjoy the treasures that are Wisconsin parks.


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