Bracelet Found-Santa Barbara, Ca

from Santa Barbara (California, United States)
Contact: 1-805-729-3054

A young college student lost a bracelet in Sept 2016 while playing beach volleyball.  She found me on The Ring Finders website.  We met and after five minutes a target was located at the court’s service line.  She had though she lost it while serving the volleyball.  The gold heart bracelet had broken in two pieces.  She was so happy to have this sentimental bracelet back in her possession.  She had told me that the bracelet matched a necklace she had.  She purchased both on a trip to Europe when she was studying abroad.  She is a student at Westmont College.  I am a graduate of Westmont as well. I went on the same semester abroad.  I was happy to refer her to a jeweler in town who could repair her broken bracelet.  She left the beach with rejoicing!

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