Found Wedding Band at Campus Point Santa Barbara, Ca

from Santa Barbara (California, United States)
Contact: 1-805-729-3054


I got a call from a discouraged husband who informed me that his wife’s wedding band got lost at Campus Point beach in Santa Barbara.  He thought he had put the ring thru on a bracelet and then clasped the bracelet.  When he got home opened his board short’s pocket the bracelet was still clasped, but no ring was on it.  The ring must have dropped in the sand at while he was trying to clasp the bracelet. He went back to the beach and sifted the sand in rows with a colander, but did not find the ring.  A day later I went with him to the spot and after 5 minutes found the ring in 4-6 inches of sand. Fortunately, the tide did not take it out, for we had had a full moon days earlier.  T he husband was so happy to be able to give his wife’s ring back to her!

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