Wedding Ring Found on Pismo Beach

from Santa Barbara (California, United States)
Contact: 1-805-729-3054

A young couple called me a few days ago frantically reporting that the wife lost her diamond wedding ring at dusk on Pismo Beach.  The husband had tried to find the ring which had flew off his wife’s finger when she was brushing sand off her children’s beach ball.  Because it was getting dark and cold they could not continue to search the sand for the ring.  Saddened by the loss, the husband looked up “Lost Ring” on the internet, and found The Rind Finders website.  He then called me from the directory.  The couple had to leave Pismo to check into their hotel in Santa Barbara for the night.  I called the couple back that night in Santa Barbara. We made plans to return to Pismo the next day to search for the ring.  Here’s where the story gets to the most important lesson.  The husband knew he could not search for the ring in the dark, so he took his foot and circled the entire 20 foot area of where his ring dropped into the sand.  He then looked for landmarks-like the trash can on the beach, and counted off steps back to the beach stairs.  When we got to the beach the next morning, the husband knew exactly where his search area was located.  This was so helpful for me to know where to start detecting.  When he showed me where his wife was sitting wiping the beach ball, I marked off a line and starting swinging my detector, as I closed in to the center of the space, “Ding” a high pitched beep sounded.  I said, “That must be it!”  I took a scoop of sand and shook my sifter and there was the platinum diamond ring!  The husband hugged me.  He got down on one knee and presented the ring to his wife.  She had tears in her eyes and hugs went all around!  So the lesson again, if you lose a ring or something in the sand, or grass, or dirt, mark off the area, look for landmarks, and count your steps.  Then when you get help to look for the item, you will know exactly where to look. Look IMG_2707  at your watch too.  This helps determine where the tide was at the time of your loss.  By looking at a tide chart one can determine the best time-usually low tide- to look for the item if it is close to the water.  Fortunately, the ring in this story was far enough from the water not to be taken out to sea the next day due to the high tide.

4 Replies to “Wedding Ring Found on Pismo Beach”

  1. Good find Della. Keep up the good work. Always like to hear about successful hunts.

  2. tim.rippon says:

    VERY NICE!!! Wish all finds could go that well. Great job!!

  3. Chris Turner says:

    Great work Della, sure helps us when people mark the area! Happy Hunting!

  4. Don Marshall says:

    I Love, love, love these stories, great work.

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