Wedding Band Lost in Bend, OR - Found and Returned by The Ring Finders

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

An email from KC (mom) started the ball rolling. Conversations, more info, and her excitement prompted my 3hr road trip to Bend, OR and the Deschutes River. Her son, Chase, took a quick dip in the river after a long hike on Mothers Day. After getting out of the river and within a couple hundred yards he realized his ring was missing. A backpack search, followed by backtracking failed to produce the ring; must be in the river and lost for good. KC found my info and I was there the following day. The river was flowing pretty good but there was great visibility and the surface was firm. The downside was the surface was firm, definitely not an easy scoop to sort targets. My process was to move the river rock and some soil with my scoop or foot and if the target didn’t move it was more than likely not the ring, to deep. A little more than 3hrs of searching finally netted the nearly new Zirconium wedding band; yes, Chase had only been married a few months. All were excited and very grateful – chalk-up another return and more smiles for The Ring Finders!

KC, thank you for contacting me. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, Chase, and and your co-worker Rick today… such a good day!

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  1. KC Caldwell says:

    What are the odds that a black wedding band lost in the current of the Deschutes river in Bend, Oregon would ever be found!?
    Odds are in your favor if you call Del at The Ring Finders! My son and his wife are thrilled his wedding band was found. I am beyond impressed!
    We all are…Thank you Del! It was a pleasure to meet you and celebrate the find!

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