Handcrafted Gold Ring Lost in Trout Lake, WA - Found by The Ring Finders

from Portland (Oregon, United States)
Contact: 1-509-365-8010

Brian’s email stated he lost a special ring, his late father crafted for him, while carving pumpkins at a remote cabin near Trout Lake, WA. A visual search came up empty so “The Ring Finders” popped up on an internet search. After we spoke Brian agreed that my extensive experience, high-end  equipment, and successes was a better option than renting. I met Brian and his wonderful family today at a beautiful spot among the evergreens. He showed me the likely area, we established some boundaries and my CTX with 17″ coil did the rest. Under the branches of a tree, hidden among the leaves was the white gold ring that was shaped to mimic an old square nail bent in the round.
Brian, it was a real pleasure meeting you and your family. Thank you for the call and trusting my expertise to find/return your precious ring.


Portland OR & The Columbia River Gorge
Happy to Travel Further – Give me a Call!

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  1. Brian Squillace says:

    What a pleasure getting to know you and could not be more appreciative for your skill and expertise in finding my ring! Thank you Del!!!

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