Suppressor Lost near Deer Island, Oregon - Found by The Ring Finders Portland

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Nick called and asked if I would search for something other than rings. With the variety of metal detectors I own and my experience I was certain I could help him, “What did you lose?” He explained how a titanium and steel suppressor was shot off the end of his rifle barrel while target shooting 3+ months earlier. Intrigued by something different I asked a few more questions and we met the following day. With the target at 30 yards and he believed he’d seen it tumble through the pasture grass I expected a 10-15 minute search with my CTX 3030 and large 17″ coil.  1.8 hours later, after expanding the search laterally well beyond what we thought was reasonable, there it was, mostly buried; knowing it had to be there pushed me to keep searching regardless of what may be thought reasonable!

Nick mentioned he had borrowed a friends dads metal detector and found out real quick a precision tool generally requires more knowledge than what a couple you-tube videos provided. Experience, persistence, and the right detector/coil combo can make all the difference.

Nick, It was a pleasure chatting with you today. Thanks for the call!


Portland & The Columbia River Gorge

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