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  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

A familiar truck pulled into my driveway and asked if I was free to look for a ring that was lost on a nearby property. Ben hadn’t been married more than a month when he managed to fling his ring off his finger and out the back of the truck while unloading material. Ben, his brother, & cousin looked for a while but the length of the grass and other debris made the success of a visual search nearly impossible. They had a good idea of where it should be, even tossed a nickel to simulate the loss (which I found), but like other ring finds they were a little surprised when my CTX 3030 sounded off where it did. We discussed a lot of theories of how it got there, bottom line, he had it back and was no longer fearing the dog house!

Glad I could help Ben and please pass along to others the good work of The Ring Finders.

Portland & The Columbia River Gorge

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