14k Gold Band Lost in Lake Oswego - Found by The Ring Finders Portland

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

My customer was pruning rhododendrons and moving debris when he noticed his wedding band missing. He felt the ring loosen earlier in the cold damp weather but only had a little more to trim so he continued working. He visually searched around the plants, adjoining property high grasses, and the debris bin until nightfall with no luck. That evening he was focused on finding a professional with the correct equipment and experience to help find his wedding ring.  His email read “I came across your website and it’s clear you’ve helped many other people with similar situation.” An email exchange and a morning search netted the heavy 14k wedding band that I found in knee high grass; a great way to start October! Thank you for the call.

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  1. Reginald Barnes says:

    I lost my 18k gold wedding band on sept 22,2003 at Melrose and botticelli inthe mountain park area in lake Oswego or. IT was give to a lady walking on street. It has three diamonds unique design. I know it been along time.very inportant

    1. Del Witters says:

      Please give me a call and we can discuss to see if my services can assist you. 509-365-8010. Thank you, Del

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