Lost Gold Wedding Band Oregon City - Found by Del Witters

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Cameron called me about his missing wedding band because of a friends recommendation; happened to be a prior customer of mine. We met at a field where the week before was a slip-n-slide for a church teen activity; of course Cameron had to partake in the soapy-wet fun! The next morning he noticed his wedding band missing. Where the slide laid was visible and Cameron was convinced I’d find it at the bottom or to the one side he used to climb back up. Since there were other possible search areas on the very large field I installed the 17×13″ coil on my CTX 3030 and completed one pass downhill and one pass across the bottom. As I turned for my second pass I got a nice solid tone that I confirmed was his ring. Cameron and Cindy were both very happy, all smiles, as the pictures show.

Cameron, thank you for the call and I wish you and Cindy many happy years together!

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