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  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

An email, followed by a phone call, led me to SE Portland Oregon to meet Jimmy who lost his wedding band the evening before while jogging. The beauty of this search was he heard a distinct “ting”, which was likely the ring hitting the concrete sidewalk or rock wall, otherwise his ring could have been anywhere along his route. He had put his ring and keys in his shorts pocket earlier and while jogging the jingling was irritating so he grabbed them out of his pocket and heard the “ting”. Not knowing what it was he stopped and looked for a few minutes then continued his run. 20 minutes later, once home, he realized his ring was missing and he searched the likely area for 2 hours with no luck. The area on his right was a knee high stone wall with shrubbery and on his left was a large bed of roses 3-4′ tall with the ground mostly visible. I poked my specialized 4×7 coil and propointer in every bush and covered every square inch of ground in the likely areas, no ring. While I expanded the search, Jimmy jogged home to see if maybe he set his ring in the garage before the jog, nothing. After further discussion we determined the ring had to be there or someone picked it up. I hit the shrub area a second/third time and was about to hit the roses again when Jimmy pointed out his ring lying on the ground among the roses – Excellent!

We’re not sure if I dislodged the ring from the thorny roses onto ground I already searched or the fire hydrant and steel stake the ring laid between hid (masked) the ring from detection, regardless, it was a success and the smiles and happiness are always a pleasure to see.

Jimmy, thank you for the call and I’m glad our persistence ended in success!

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  1. John VOLEK says:

    Awesome…great work! It would have likely have never been found had it not for your efforts!

    TRF-Houston, Texas

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