Lost Gold Wedding Band - Found in Portland by Del Witters

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

Robert got a call from his son stating he had lost his wedding band and it was likely in their yard. Kevin had been helping his parents remove yard debris and spread mulch and recalled not wearing gloves for some of that time. Robert said to me that he knew they’d need a metal detector and an experienced user to find the ring so he consulted their neighborhood outreach web site…  ‘The Ring Finders’ and my services were mentioned more than once.

I got to work in the most likely areas, according to a father/son chat (Kevin is now home in CA), but it wasn’t showing much promise until I hit a solid tone with an associated gold ID. I poked my pinpointer into the mulch but there wasn’t a sound so I figured the target was deep and couldn’t be the recently dropped ring. I stood, was about to move on, but couldn’t, the tone and ID was to good! I swung the small 4×7 Makro Gold coil in the same spot and of course I got the same good tone. I dropped for a second look and did a little digging, but still no report from my pinpointer. The target had to be deep, out of the reach of a pinpointer, or… I caught a glimpse of gold that was nestled deep in the nearby fern about 2-3″ above the ground; a metal detector sounds off to objects above and below the search coil equally well so don’t forget to look both ways if there are adjacent plants!
Kevin’s beautiful custom made wedding band was now in the hands of his Mom & Dad with smiles all around!

Thank you Robert for the call and entrusting me to find and return your sons ring.
Melissa & Robert, I genuinely enjoyed our post-find chat in your lovely home, thank you, Del

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