Lost Gold Engagement Ring - Found

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

I got a call from Ian asking if I could look for his fiancee’s engagement ring. He had heard about the success of The Ring Finders and immediately found my information. They had torn the house apart so they figured it had to be in the yard. The next morning I arrived at their home, met with Ian & Callie and looked at a picture of the beautiful Ruby & Diamond ring. Callie remembers walking to the chicken coop and later taking their dog out so we walked those areas and talked about her activities that day. A couple hours later, after using 2 different detectors and expanding my search to the side and front yard, I came up empty. 100% confident the ring was not in their grass or surrounding plants I ended the search and suggested they check sink p-traps and go through each article one-by-one, room-by-room, as I was sure they would find it. They were a little disappointed but both deeply appreciative and stated by eliminating the yard I rekindled their focus to further search the house. About 40 hours later I got a call from Ian saying they had found the ring… what a great ending!

I believe my expertise and effort, regardless of outcome, gives the owner the best chance of finding their treasured item and some piece of mind knowing they used the best resources possible… in this case my search refocused their efforts to the house and it was a huge win!

Thank you Ian and Callie for the call and I wish you the very best!

The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service can locate your lost engagement ring, wedding ring,
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I can search virtually any location. Some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, yards, gardens, and even underwater.
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