Family heirloom recovered Oakmont Country Club

from Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-412-908-9220

Received a call from administrator at  the club  , that a patron lost a ruby ring . made

arrangements to search the area where  the  ring was lost . Great equipment & skill

saved the day .

lon & sandy watched  at a table  for  a bit , then moved to a porch  area where they

serve food & drinks , it was drizzling .

rreclon0015 mins later i had ring  in hand and was

wondering  where they moved too .found them seated at the outdoor restaurant

&  reunited  lon with heirloom .  rrlon002

3 Replies to “Family heirloom recovered Oakmont Country Club”

  1. Nice job! I am sure they thought so too.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Yes way to go! Great work David.

  3. Sandy says:


    Thank you so much. We couldn’t have been more happy to have this ring again!

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