Platinum Wedding Band recovery Pleasant hills,PA

from Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, United States)
Contact: 1-412-908-9220

Frank gave me a call this morning at 7:oo am checking to see if i was available to search for lost wedding band . I told him i was.

i grabbed my gear &  traveled to franks house ,search area # 1 he was doing some yard work & thought it  may  have slipped off his finger there

, no luck there . on to search area# 2 . While out helping his wife on a photo shoot, frank was tossing leaves in the air for an artistic shot .

This must be the place the sentimental item  was laying in wait to be reunited! on the 3rd pass of the area(i think frank was getting a sinking feeling it was lost for ever)  i widened the search area a bit & wow joyous reunion of platinum wedding band! smiles abound! & tears of  joy  rock pleasant hills ,pa .

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  1. Mark says:

    Nice find David…..!!!
    It’s our Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, but you made it a great thanksgiving weekend south of the border..

    Great job..!!!


  2. Kim P says:

    David, Thank you so much for helping us find my husbands wedding band. I know that he called you at 7am and when you came out you went to 3 locations with my husband. Tracking his every move from the day he lost the ring was the only way that it was found. You were such a blessing to our family. I was in tears when he lost it and tears of joy when you found it! Thank you again! You are a God send! ~Kim Pittsburgh, PA

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