Lost Gold and Diamonds at a community party found!

  • from Buffalo (New York, United States)

I received a call from Mark in Lackawanna, NY who lost his wedding ring at a community/neighborhood party. I gave Mark a call and we set a day and time for me to stop by.  The area where the ring was lost was a courtyard area that connected the backyards of six different apartment buildings.  I met Mark on 6/15 around 5:45pm.  The area where the party was loaded with little foil party favors.  I ground balanced my AT Pro metal detector and used the notch discrimination to filter out some of the foil and off we went.   It seemed that everyone from the neighborhood was pulling for Mark as a small crowd started to take an interest in the hunt.  Mark was able to narrow down the areas where he was most of the night.  Since the ring had only been lost a few days the ring was most likely only and inch or so deep even if it had been stepped on. I was listening for “loud” tones in my Garrett head phones and checking those tones as those are typically near the surface. I also had my Garrett Carrot pinpointer set shallow to try and eliminate objects that are deeper than what I was looking for. About 90 minutes in I bent down to pinpoint a promising tone, pulled the grass back and scratched the surface of the dirt to find Marks beautiful ring. I called Mark over and pointed out the ring in the dirt…success! Marks wife and neighbor’s cheered at the reunion of Mark and his ring!!!


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  1. Mark Myles says:

    Dave showed up with his impressive equipment, after brief conversation he seemed like he was really into finding my wedding ring, 90 minutes into searching he was successful, I strongly recommend him if you lose wedding ring

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