Gold and silver found in Lockport, NY!

  • from Buffalo (New York, United States)

Earlier this week I received a message from a Lockport resident that told me her husband had lost his weeding band in their back yard.  We set up a Saturday morning, 7/31/21, visit to hunt for the ring.  I normally go on these recoveries by my self but my beautiful daughter Leah ask to help. So we loaded up the Garrett AT Pro along with other assorted search items and headed down Transit Road towards Lockport.  Along the way we stopped for coffee and a sandwich from Tim Horton’s.  About 35 minutes later we arrived at the location. We talked to the homeowner and got to work.  As a metal detecting hobbyist it was hard not to dig all the coin signals that we all over the yard, but we had to stay focused. I ask the homeowner the age of the house and she said it was 125 years old…this made leaving the other good tones even harder to pass up.  I set up a 25′ by 25′ visual grid and swept through in a north/south pattern. Checking all the shallow signals we came up empty handed. I searched that same area by turned east/west and researched the small area. About halfway back through that area I had a good tone. Leah bent down with the pinpointer and set it right on the target. She pushed the grass aside, and turned over a small, shallow plug of grass and bingo…GOLD!  The homeowner nearly burst into tears of joy knowing she could reunite her husband with his ring….success!!!  However…I couldn’t leave just yet. I asked the homeowner if I could did one or two of the deeper “sweet” tones I heard. I went back to a sold 87 on the AT Pro, which is usually a quarter. Indeed it was a quarter, a 1964 Washington…SILVER Baby! So the homeowner was given both gold and silver today!!!

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  1. Sherrie Edwards says:

    David and his daughter were at my house in Lockport yesterday July 31st and after about 45 minutes they located my husbands lost wedding ring. They were fantastic!! I would highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks again for your help!!

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