Lost ring found in Flat Rock N.C.

  • from Asheville (North Carolina, United States)

Received a text from a man about a lost ring about a month ago. Due to work schedule and weather I was unable to get there for nearly a month. Finally a window opened, and I made the trip. We went on the porch and he showed me exactly what he done to lose the ring. He really wanted it back. I searched the area thoroughly unsuccessfully. It was getting really dark and the terrain was steep so I climbed out. Told him I’m not giving up just yet. The next day I returned and using mixed mode where I can hear everything, I dug everything I heard. After an hour and half I was still unsuccessful. I was getting baffled as my detector doesn’t usually leave much behind. I started a new search area and within two minutes I found the ring. It was 51 years ago the ring was purchased for $500. Today’s value is about 1500-2000.

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