Lost Ring While Playing With The Dog In Crum-Lynne, Delaware County PA - Found by Dave Milsted

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Beaches are not the only places we search!

Katie sent me an email asking if I could help find her husband’s wedding band. It is a black tungsten ring. He lost in their backyard while playing ball with their dog. He went to fake a throw and the ring went flying. He heard it hit a goalpost he has in the yard. They searched for days and even cleared a lot of brush out of the yard without finding it. 

Today was the day we would search. Jim showed me the area he was standing and his actions when he faked the throw. So where did it go after striking the goalpost? I started where he was standing. 

I started where he was standing. I found a few pennies, a dime & a quarter & several pull tabs. Then I got a broken signal so I checked it out. It was a small iron metal file. I put it on the firepit. When back to the same spot and received another signal. It was his ring. It has an Eagle’s green stripe that circles the ring. Could be good luck for the Eagles this weekend (6 – 0)?

I went to the garage asking Jim if he could come out and show me again where he was and the direction he was throwing. When he started to repeat his actions, I held up his ring. The look on his face was priceless! He called Katie and she was ecstatic!

I love my Hobby!

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