Christmas Lights & Cold Air = Lost Wedding Ring in Westmont NJ, Found By Dave Milsted

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)










Thomas sent me an email today asking if I could look for his lost wedding ring. He lost it this past Saturday while putting Christmas lights up. I told him I could be there after work today. Westmont is only 5 minutes from my house.

We met, and he showed me 2 areas that his tungsten ring might be. He also said that this is the second time he lost this ring, a replacement since he lost the original. His daughter found it in a river where they were tubing. The original is still missing. He searched the area with no luck. He was fearful that it was hung up in one of the branches in the bushes.

I searched the 2 areas with my metal detector, both areas near concrete, with rebar in it. So my detector was constantly beeping. I decided to use my hand-held pinpointer detector and searched the areas with that. No joy! Pennies, bottle caps and pieces of aluminum siding were present. So I expanded my search. About 3 feet away from the second search area I was able to find his ring. He couldn’t believe it.

This was a nice quick search with another happy client. This hobby is awesome!!