Two Rings in One Scoop

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Two lost rings found in Chrissy field in the Presidio, San FranciscoRiana called me two weeks ago. She and Chris had visited San Francisco over the weekend. They had enjoyed a wonderful vacation, including a visit to the beach at Chrissy Field in the Presidio.

While Chris took photos, Riana put her hand in the sand. She didn’t notice that when she pulled out her hand, her rings were missing. It was only later that she noticed the rings were gone.

They searched for hours without success. It was only after returning home to Las Vegas that Riana discovered TheRingFinders. Though she was upset when she called, she and Chris were able to give clear descriptions of where they had been on the beach. Chirs sent more than a dozen photos, plus screenshots from Google Earth showing where she thought they had been.

Chris and Riana agreed to meet back at Chrissy Field on Sunday at 7:00am. First, they positioned themselves by memory, and I marked out a square search zone with Riana in the middle. While I searched that zone with my metal detector, Chris stood where she had taken the photos and compared them to what was on her camera screen. When I found nothing in the first search zone, she suggested I move closer to the water. After searching this second zone for just a few minutes, I got a good tone. I stuck my scoop into the sand, and came up with two gold rings.

Riana and Chris, thank you for coming back to San Francisco for the hunt. I couldn’t have found the rings without you. It was my pleasure to return them to you.


lost rings found in san francisco

lost wedding rings found in San Francisco

Map showing where the lost rings were found

Lost rings found in the presidio

Look closely at the photo on the left: the lines in the sand show search zone 2.










On the left is the first map Krysta sent me. The red box shows where she thought the rings might be. That’s a large search area-it’s a good thing they came back to narrow it down! Using their memories and carefully comparing photos, we were able to narrow down the search to Zone 1 and Zone 2 shown in the small green boxes. That’s a lot smaller area!

On the right is one of the photos they took the first day. If you look really closely, you can see Riana’s rings are already missing from her left hand.

3 Replies to “Two Rings in One Scoop”

  1. Great recovery, Dave!

  2. Jim Wren says:

    Beautiful rings, great recovery and story, Dave! Love the pix with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Sailed under that bridge a lot in my Coast Guard career.

  3. Riana A says:

    Dave is my angel!!! He knows that, I’ve told him several times. He literally made us cry when he opened his palm and showed us the rings. I never thought I will be able to go home and felt complete. I lost hope coz the rings were gone for 2 weeks in a public area where hundreds or thousands of people go everyday. Loosing my two most important jewelries was really heart breaking, all I could think of everyday were my rings if they were still there or somebody found them. I kept on calling the golden gate lost and found every single day. I looked for possible ways and read blogs and reviews on how to find lost rings. Luckily, I found Dave on ring finders, I didn’t know they exist. He is really patient and works professionally. I’ve met him once but I can tell that he is a very nice guy, not only because he found my rings but you can feel his genuine intention to help. He found the rings in less than 40 mins., he is really an expert. I highly recommend him.I will forever be grateful Dave! Thank you so much! This means a lot to me!

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