Lost Platinum Wedding & Engagement Rings Found on Pacifica Beach

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Beautiful platinum wedding and engagement rings found at Pacifica beachNick contacted me on Saturday evening. His wife Sherry had spent the day on Pacifica beach, and had lost her wedding and engagement rings while shaking sand off her hat. She search thoroughly, but could not find the rings. Then she did the smartest possible thing: She looked around to mark good landmarks for the exact spot, AND also got GPS coordinates by marking her location on her iPhone map.

Nick searched the web for metal detector rentals, and found TheRingFinders. We spoke on Saturday night and agreed to meet Sunday morning on the beach.

When we met at 10am this morning, Pacifica was foggy and cold as usual (this is the end of June after all!) Sherry showed us the spot based on her landmarks (in this case, the fence posts along the sidewalk at the top of the beach). This matched the GPS coordinates and the other, less permanent items like the remains of a hole that kids had dug in the sand. So I started detecting.

The wedding band popped out of the sand after about five minutes. The engagement ring barely registered, but just a whisper near the hole for the wedding band was enough to find it a minute later.

Nick, Sherry, thank you for trusting me to find your rings!

The GPS location helped find the lost ringSherry was happy to get her platinum wedding set back

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