Lost keys found...in the next parking lot!

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Lost keys on a rockCourtney and Riley had an argument last night. Why anybody would have an argument with Courtney is a mystery, because she’s a really nice person. Riley got upset and threw Courtney’s car keys across the parking lot. Courtney searched the pavement and bushes but couldn’t find them, so she called her brother Cole. Searching together, they still couldn’t find the keys in the darkness. So they came back today and searched again, this time for hours. Still no keys.

Courtney called me today, and I made it out there late this afternoon. Cole and Courtney had already searched the parking lot and what they could see of the bushes, but the bushes were really thick with branches, leaves and litter. My large metal detectors were no use in this case, so Cole and I used two handheld pin pointers to carefully probe inside the thick bushes. Courtney used my gloves to search a deep gutter at the base of a wall between this parking lot and the one next door. After 20 minutes of searching, still no luck.

Then some strangers at another restaurant further away asked Courtney what she was searching for. They told her there was a set of keys on a rock in front of that restaurant. She looked, and sure enough, it was her missing keys. This means that Riley had thrown them more than 50 yards, into the next parking lot.

When I asked Courtney whether she wanted me to write a blog entry, she said, “Yes! I want to tell Riley that the story of what he did is online!” Check out this photo: Courtney’s black car in front, and the other restaurant with a red roof way off in the distance.

Courtney’s black car in front. See the other restaurant way off in the distance?

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