Granddad Loses Wedding Ring in Los Gatos

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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Lost wedding ring los gatos Tim was taking care of his grandkids when he discovered his ring was missing. Unfortunately he had been playing with the children all over their neighborhood, including climbing trees and even walking the dog. The ring could be anywhere, so he contacted TheRingFinders.

When Tim’s family showed me all the places where he’d been that day, I figured I had a long hunt in front of me. There was a small grassy area between two olive trees, where the kids had gone climbing, and a much larger grassy area where they had run and played for much longer. I decided to start with the smaller area, partly to get it out of the way, and partly because lifting kids in and out of trees might have been the reason the ring came off his finger.

There was no sign of the ring at the base of the trees, so I started to search the rest of the 1500-square-foot area. Sometimes you get lucky, because Tim’s ring was hidden in the grass about halfway between the two trees. Gold looks like dead grass when the grass is thick, making it impossible to see the ring without pulling the grass away, but there it was.

I’m glad you have your ring back, Tim!

Lost gold wedding ring found in los gatos

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