Lost Gold Ring Found in San Jose

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Lost gold ring found with metal detector on volleyball courtLavanya and friends were playing volleyball on the court at work on Friday. It was a beautiful spring day and everyone was enjoying themselves, until the game ended and Lavanya discovered that one of her rings was missing.

She immediately searched the entire area. Lavanya had handled the ball all over the court, on both sides of the net. And she serves with the same hand that she wore the ring on.

After searching for the ring unsuccessfully into the night, she checked the web for Metal Detectors and discovered The Ring Finders. I was able to meet her within half an hour of her call on Saturday morning.

I brought two full-size metal detectors with me, which turned out to be fortunate. Although my primary metal detector has a long coil that is great for sweeping large areas of sand quickly, it suffered a lot of interference at this particular location. Rather than waste too much time tuning out the interference, I switched to my backup detector, which uses different technology and has a double-D coil that eliminates some types of interference. That did the trick.

I carefully searched the side of the court where she had played the longest, starting at the back near the service area and working forward. About six feet from the net, I heard the sweet tone that had to be gold. I only had to dig down about an inch to find Lavanya’s beautiful gold ring.

Thank you Lavanya for letting me return your ring to you!

Gold ring found with metal detector on volleyball court returned to owner

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Good thing you brought 2 detectors with you Dave! Great find!! what a cool looking ring!

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