Diamond Ring Lost in Car in San Jose

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Lost diamond ring found in San Jose metal detector rentalsAmit and Sonal drove up from Phoenix to San Jose to visit family. Sonal removed her rings and placed them on a blanket in her lap while she applied lotion to her hands. When they arrived, she pushed the blanket up onto the center armrest, then noticed that the rings were missing.

She immediately found one ring on the floor behind the front seats, but the second ring was missing. After searching the car, everything in it, the children, the curb, and everything else they could think of, Amit contacted TheRingFinders.

It turns out that they were staying just a mile from my house, which was great compared to some expeditions. I load up my metal detectors and arrived early this morning, two days after the ring was lost.

I knew my metal detectors wouldn’t help inside the car, because of all the metal there, so I searched the curb and the rocks in the parking strip first without luck. Amit and Sonal had done a good job searching outside the car. So next we turned our attention to the car interior, relying on our eyes to search

We pulled up all the floor mats, removed trim strips and car seats, and rolled up the back seats. No luck. My biggest concern was the carpeting: The carpet under each seat had six or more cutouts for mounting brackets and wires. A ring could easily fit into any of them (we have seen this happen before!)

After 40 minutes searching the car, we decided to reenact the circumstances when the ring was lost. First we tied bright yarn onto two rings so they wouldn’t get lost, then Sonal placed them in the same blanket in her lap and repeatedly pushed it up onto the center armrest.

We noticed that the rings always fell into the same area right behind the front seats. I spent the next 10 minutes with a flashlight searching the only nearby hidden area, under the passenger seat. Under one carpet flap, I saw something sparkle. I moved the seat forward, removed a plastic trim strip, lifted up the carpet flap, an ran my finger underneath. Out came Sonal’s lost ring.  Everybody was happy!


This is how it looked when we pulled back the carpet flap

look at all the diamonds-lost diamond ring found in san jose

Look at all the diamonds!

Thank you, Sonal and Amit for your call. Have a nice drive back to Phoenix!

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5 Replies to “Diamond Ring Lost in Car in San Jose”

  1. Sometimes a metal detector just can’t do it all… Good effort and results!!

  2. Ralf says:

    Hey !

    Great success story ! 🙂 At the moment i´m starting as a searcher in my area and i hope i can help some people – let´s see 😉

    HELLO from Germany


  3. Scott Foss says:

    Great work Dave !

  4. Gretchen Motz says:

    After reading your amazing story you just actually provided me the hope that I was meeting in which I had lost the same day that I had lost my vintage Tiffany Channel setting engagement ring !

    My story is very similar as as yours in which my vehicle as well likes to eat EVERYTHING!
    ( and I literally mean everything including the kitchen sink lol)…

    It is funny yet very depressing at the same time. My 2017 Volkswagen Jetta will literally make a piece of jewelry disappear and to never be found ever again therefore causing my fiance and I to lose hope as I’m sure you both understand and agree with me on…

    I do have two questions to ask in which I’m hoping you can help me find my engagement ring in the creative way that you both found yours …

    I would first like to thank both of you for sharing such an amazing creative way that I would have never thought of and retreating my lost precious gem that my vehicle decided to eat and not get back. ..

    Therefore I’m praying that I can as well have the luck that the two of you did in which I know for a fact my engagement ring is somewhere in my 2017 Jetta and just like Sonya had wrapped them in the blanket threw them on the armrest I as well did the same.. .
    It’s amazing how quickly things that are so dear to our heart can just disappear and yet we didn’t even get up and watch anywhere and sadly a large amount of people such as myself never signed that items that was true to their heart never again so thank you very much for shedding some light on my situation and giving me helps to where I can once again start hunting for this ring!

    Sonia I did the exact same thing but I did not use a blanket my rings were sitting on my lap as I was applying lotion to my hands in my vehicle (AKA my 2017 Jetta)
    Before doing so I had desperately needed to use the restroom and I had my diamond solitaire on my lap before I even attempted to put lotion on therefore put a question on it’s when I had jumped out of my car to use the restroom at the gas station if it had fallen on the ground therefore causing me to go hunting tooth and nail with a flashlight and then some to hunt for it.

    As I reenacted the situation my head over and over again I remembered they were still in my lap when I applied lotion but when I went pulling out of the parking lot I have taken the items that were on my lap such as my wallet the lotion and my rings and tossed them onto the armrest not even realizing my rooms were part of the clutter that I removed

    From there I had driven home from Oakland back to Sacramento and it was not even within 20 minutes I was at my home and my husband find out or should I say school did on where the heck my engagement ring was little behold I couldn’t even answer because I was speechless ask for I never take off that ring!

    With that said I have literally used toothbrushes to go along the railing of the vehicle I have hand vacuums this car my hand in front of the vent just in case cuz you never know and sadly nothing!
    I lost my engagement ring of only owning it not even six months and it is somewhere in this vehicle and has been in this vehicle hiding almost a year now

    therefore my question is, I myself have noticed the exact same thing that when something drops in this car it always falls in the same place which makes your reenactment makes me want to slap myself and question seriously you didn’t think about that LOL jet it’s the simple things that we don’t always stop for a moment to realize

    With that said I have been tooth and nail to this car can’t find it but there’s been times that I have severely detailed the vehicle and items that I have lost in it such as a credit card or a cigarette lighter that went missing months and months prior what automatically pop back up yeah I severely have the car detailed to the max yet never found them them!!!

    Perfect example being I have one of those magnetic car docks that connects on to your vent in the vehicle that’s it went flying across the car over 8 months ago never did I find it until I ran into a different situation where the car my best friends Visa credit card and quite funny when we were hunting for that damn card little behold there is a little round magnetic doc. My phone connect to but have been missing for 8 months and that area had been cleaned numerous times over and over again!

    Down to business enough rambling I’m not excited to find it AKA my diamond engagement ring there for two questions for you please if you could answer that would be amazing!

    the dealership have question maybe it’s lost somewhere in the carpet and I’ve looked yet you mentioned you noticed a flap under the chair thus lifting it back and TADA 🙂
    there was her ring

    1.) Did you have to remove the seat to get to that flap you had discovered in the carpet?

    2.) If you’re sitting in the back seat of the vehicle is that little flap of carpet towards the front of that chair or the back?

    3) I know the ring was lost as I was sitting in the driver’s seat therefore if this solution does not work do you guys have any other suggestions for me that does not pertain to damaging the interior of my vehicle?

  5. Dave Millman says:

    Hi Gretchen, I’m sorry you lost your ring. I have actually recovered two other rings from within cars. The technique is simple and non destructive, but may require help from a mechanic:

    1. Remove literally everything from the vehicle that is not fastened down.
    2. Search every corner, nook and cranny.
    3. Remove the driver’s seat. Search the gaps in the carpet that are now visible.
    4. Remove the passenger’s seat, then the carpet. If the ring is there, you will find it.

    Both of the other rings were found under the carpet. You can find your ring if it is still in the car.

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