Platinum Diamond Ring Found on the Beach

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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Julie-bridgeJulie was enjoying a day at the beach at Crissy Field in San Francisco with friends. Then the suntan lotion curse hit: She removed her diamond ring to apply lotion to her son, and the ring disappeared into the sand.

The first thing she did was to search for metal detector rentals in San Francisco and San Jose. But when she rented the metal detector and brought it back to the beach, she discovered that it isn’t so easy using an unknown metal detector when the pressure is high. After searching without luck for a few hours, she returned the metal detector rental and started over.

That’s when she found TheRingFinders. I met her at Crissy field, right in front of where the America’s Cup races would be held the next day. She showed me where she had been sitting, and I marked out a search zone about ten yards long by 30 yards wide. My main concern was the size of the ring: small platinum jewelry can be hard to detect.

The good news was, there was very little junk in the sand. In the first 30 minutes, all I found was a penny, a hair pin and a small American flag lapel pin. Then I got a faint signal with the right tone. About three inches down, there was Julie’s ring, right near the limit that I could detect such a delicate ring.

Everybody went away happy!


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