Diamond Wedding Band Lost Camping in Almaden Valley San Jose-Found!

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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This is the diamond wedding ring Regina lost while camping in Almaden Valley, San Jose

This is the diamond wedding ring Regina lost while camping in Almaden Valley, San Jose

Regina took her family on a company camping trip in the Almaden area of San Jose recently. The weather was beautiful and everybody had fun.

When it came time to tear down the tents, Regina was wiping hers off when she felt her platinum and diamond wedding band fly off her finger. Family and friends all looked everywhere, but the ring was nowhere to be found.

Regina contacted me the next day. Because she was camping on private land with few visitors, she felt that the ring must still be at the campsite. We met at the campground in San Jose the following day. I immediately understood why nobody had found the ring when the searched for it: the grass was very thick and well cared for. Fortunately, the grass had not been mown since the camping trip, so we knew the ring was probably right in front of us, in that thick grass.

We could still see the depression in the grass where Regina had pitched her tent, so I marked out a search area along the side where she had lost the ring. Because she was so certain where and when she lost the ring, I focused on that side, but expanded the search zone in both directions. Sometimes it’s hard to judge exactly how hard you fling a ring.

The ground was nearly clear of targets. After five minutes I found a penny. A couple of minutes later, my detector let out a strong ping at the base of a tree at the very edge of the search zone. It was Regina’s ring.

Amazingly, the tree was at a right angle to the direction where Regina thought she was wiping her hand when she lost the ring. That’s why I marked out the larger search area: it is nearly impossible to know exactly which way your hand is moving, or where your finger is pointing, at the moment your ring decides to fly away.

Everybody went home happy!

Regina with her lost wedding ring, now found again

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