Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found in Tiburon

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796

Lost platinum wedding band found

Today John brought his family from San Mateo to Tiburon to Paradise Park Beach. It’s a nice little beach, not very crowded, with lots of shade. He and his mom and two sons were enjoying the gorgeous weather and the water.

Then John’s platinum wedding ring was struck by the sunblock curse: He took off the ring to apply sunblock to his son. Then he got distracted, stood up, moved his chair, and the ring was gone. If you’ve ever dropped a ring into dry sand, you know what happened: it immediately sank without a trace. Within 10 minutes, John had me on the phone.

I got to Marin County about three hours later with my metal detector. John knew approximately where he had lost the ring, so it wasn’t a difficult search. With his two sons assisting, we found the ring in the first few minutes. It was already three inches under the sand, and would have sunk even deeper within a few days.

And it’s a good we did find it so quickly. John’s 10th wedding anniversary is coming up soon!

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