22 Bottle Caps, 93 Cents, and a Diamond Wedding Ring

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
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Can you see the ring in this photo?

Can you see the diamond ring in this photo?

On Saturday, Reina drove from Sacramento to Stinson Beach with a friend. It was a beautiful day, and many other people were also there. Because of the beach was crowded, they spread their blanket far from the water, back near the grass and dunes.

At one point, she put her diamond wedding ring down on the blanket. On the way back to the car, she noticed it was missing. She and her friend searched for an hour, but could not find it. Then she searched   for metal detector rentals on the web and found us.

I asked Reina to send me GPS coordinates of the location from her phone. She also took a series of photos of nearby trees and bushes. On Monday, I made the two-hour trek to Stinson Beach, and using Reina’s information, marked a search zone.

It took about an hour to thoroughly hunt the search zone. Although I found 22 bottle caps and some change, there was no ring. Then I compared my search zone to the photographs again, and realized that I might be a little too far from the dunes, so I started hunting again in that direction. After just two passes, I found the ring.

The ring is a beauty, made of heavy platinum and gold, with a sturdy mount for the diamond. I’ll send it back to her via FedEx tomorrow.


The lost diamond ring is found again



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