Two Lost Rings Found on Fremont Cricket Field

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Two lost gold rings found in Fremont near Milpitas and Hayward

Vijay got his two rings back

Everybody loves Cricket. It’s just like Baseball, except…actually it has nothing in common with Baseball except it uses a ball and a wacky flat bat. Anyhow, Vijay was playing cricket last Sunday at a park in Fremont when he felt the chain around his neck break. He managed to hold onto the chain, but the two gold rings that were hanging on it were gone.

Vijay searched on his own for two days, then went online to look for metal detector rentals and found us. We were able to make it to the field late that afternoon. Because it was a large field of deep, healthy grass, we marked two search zones with stakes. Zone 1 was about 80 feet square, around the spot where Vijay felt the chain slipping off. Zone 2 was about twice as large, encompassing the rest of the area where Vijay had played in the few minutes before he felt it slip.

First we searched Zone 1 very thoroughly, detecting both East-West and North-South. This took about an hour, and by the time we finished, we were confident the rings were not there. In most fields that size, we would have found 20-50 pull tabs and dozen or more coins, but all we found was ten coins, a broken key ring and one pull tab. Too bad every park isn’t that clean.

Next we moved the stakes from Zone 1 to mark Zone 2 more clearly. We also enlarged Zone 2 a bit to include more of the cricket field. After another hour of searching with two metal detectors, we had only covered about half of Zone 2 and had found just a few more coins. We could see that Vijay was getting nervous-he was pacing along the east side of the search zone.

Suddenly Vijay called out, “I found one!” He was holding up one of the lost rings. He had found it a couple of feet outside of Zone 2. I ran over to where he was standing, and quickly spotted the second ring near his feet.

So as it turned out, we didn’t find the rings with our metal detectors. But Vijay insists that he never would have spotted the first ring if we hadn’t gone through the effort to survey, mark and search the two Search Zones. Chalk another one up to TheRingFinders search grid process!


Two lost gold rings found in Fremont


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