Lost Wedding Ring Found in San Francisco Rooftop Garden

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Jeff found his lost wedding ring in his rooftop garden in San Francisco

Jeff found his lost wedding ring in his rooftop garden in San Francisco

Jeff and Laura live in a genuine converted loft in San Francisco’s Mission District. With a working carpentry shop on the first floor, you would never expect to find the fully-renovated loft home upstairs, with large windows, high ceilings and hardwood floors. There’s even a rooftop garden where Jeff spent the weekend planting new seedlings. Unfortunately, he noticed his wedding ring was missing the next day.

The good news was that Jeff and Laura are friends with Dick and Kathleen. Last year we recovered Kathleen’s wedding ring, and she had told the story to all of her friends, including Jeff and Laura. So Jeff knew exactly who to call once his ring went missing.

The first thing we did was to have Jeff recount all the places the ring could have been lost. This is important in situations where someone doesn’t know the item’s precise location. Once Jeff and Laura were able to rule out all of the places inside their home where the ring could have fallen, we went to work on the outside.

First stop: the rooftop garden. Jeff had worked in several large wooden barrels, each of which had a wide metal strap around the outside. Unfortunately, this strap prevented us from using any of our detectors inside the barrels, so we decided to dump the soil onto a tarp where we could search without interference. Jeff was more than willing to sacrifice his seedlings for the possibility of recovering his wedding ring.

I was moving tools while Jeff tipped over the first barrel. He’d poured less than a gallon of soil on to the tarp when the ring fell out on top of the pile! This was our first RingFinders recovery where the client found their own ring!

Jeff and Laura were thrilled to get back the ring, which had belonged to Laura’s grandfather. We enjoyed helping them get it back (and Laura, thanks for the risotto!)

Ring found on San Francisco rooftop


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