Lost Wedding Band on Ocean Beach-Found!

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Lost Wedding Band Found on Ocean Beach

Lost Wedding Band Found on Ocean Beach

Pallav visited Ocean Beach in San Francisco for the first time yesterday. He had a great time with his wife Garani and their friends, but after playing football he noticed his gold wedding band was gone. The whole group searched for the ring, but it was gone in the sand. Then Pallav used his iPhone to get the GPS coordinates of the location where he lost the ring. This was really smart, because if you’ve ever been to Ocean Beach, you know it is HUGE. Garani first looked for a metal detector rental, then contacted us late last night. Pallav met us at the beach this afternoon, which was cold as usual for San Francisco in July. We marked out a rectangle around the GPS coordinates and started our search. That’s when the fun began. Lots of people light bonfires on Ocean Beach. The firewood is often filled with fasteners, which end up in the sand after the fire. We found more than 50 nails, screws and big staples as we searched. Usually  our equipment can discriminate these out so we don’t have to dig them up, but when a nail is bent or twisted, it can fool a detector to thinking it might be something else, like a ring. After about an hour and a half, I got a tone unlike most of the others. It was Pallav’s ring. He said it looked like the sand had polished it overnight. It did look good. It sure is fun returning people’s precious possessions!

Lost men's wedding band found on ocean beach


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2 Replies to “Lost Wedding Band on Ocean Beach-Found!”

  1. Dave, aren’t you glad you joined an organization like the ring finders?

  2. Dave Millman says:

    Yes, especially when the client sends a comment like this:


    Thank you once again for taking the time to come up to Ocean beach to help us find Pallav’s ring. We really thought it was gone for good and you guys were out last hope! I am touched by the perserverance you two had. (I was receiving a running commentary via text while waiting for my flight to San Diego.) I have been telling the story of the ring and everyone who has heard it has been amazed at the happy ending.

    Thank you!!!


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