Another Lost Ring on Stinson Beach-Found

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Lost platinum wedding ring found on Stinson Beach

Lost platinum wedding ring found on Stinson Beach

Christine and friends from the East Bay spent the day on Stinson Beach in Marin County last week. Christine took off her grandmother’s platinum wedding ring and put it on her leg to apply sunscreen. A while later, she stood up to take a walk. By the time she remembered the ring, it had disappeared into the sand.

Christine’s friend Kim found TheRingFinders directory a few days later by searching for “metal detector service.” We arranged to meet at the beach today. Christine had to be out of town, so Kim came instead, along with her mother and daughter.

Three factors conspired against us recovering the ring: First, the ring itself was tiny and made of platinum. This means it would be easy for a metal detector to miss. Second, the sand had some mineralization, specifically iron particles or “black sand” that can be hard for the metal detector to penetrate. And third, it was an unseasonably chilly day for the middle of June.

Kim and her mom separately showed me where they thought they had been sitting last week so that I could set up a search zone. Fortunately, they both had good memories, because their search zones overlapped. After about two hours of hunting with two different detectors, I found the ring within the overlapping area. Good job, ladies! (And thanks for the hot coffee and chowder!)

Kim is keeping the ring safe until Christine returns.


2 Replies to “Another Lost Ring on Stinson Beach-Found”

  1. Kim Wentworth says:

    Dave was so thorough! I cannot believe he found this tiny ring. It was freezing cold and windy out at Stinson Beach. I had lost hope, but Dave kept looking until he found the ring. If you lose a ring, call Dave Millman!

  2. Christine says:

    I still am in awe that Dave found my ring along with Kim’s help! When we left the beach that day, I didn’t think I would see it again. Happily, I was wrong and Dave found it! Thanks so much Dave!

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